Science Festivals consist one of the largest platforms for the promotion of domestic and international scientific research, create new standards in the field of science and inspire young people to better understand the natural sciences and professions of the future.

Since 2014, SciCo has created and co-organized 13 Science Festivals in Greece and Cyprus: six of them in Athens (Athens Science Festival), one in Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki Science Festival), three in Patras (Patras Science Festival), one in Larissa (Thessaly Science Festival), and two in Cyprus (Mediterranean Science Festival) approaching a total of more than 160,000 visitors, while in the near future Ioannina (Ioannina Science Festival) and other areas of Greece will host their own special event, in order to promote of scientific research and communication of science to the general public.

We have the appropriate tools and undertake the training of associates in Greece and abroad, in order to transfer know-how in the creation and organization of Science Festivals. If you wish to organize a Science Festival in your own city, contact us at info@scico.gr.