Science & Technology Dissemination

Having numerous pan-Hellenic and European projects in its assets, SciCo acts as a communication partner, as well as a consultant in matters of science and technology dissemination.

An important tool in the effort is the organization and establishment of informative events, as well as the establishment of incentives for participation in them.

Through its involvement in more than 7 European projects over the last 12 years, SciCo has established a global network of partners, and international science communication channels. In addition, science festival platforms are used to further disseminate the results to the general public. With its cooperation with scientific and educational organizations, research centers, science museums, universities and other institutions, in Greece and abroad, it aims to create active and informed citizens, of all ages.

Promotional activities include the organization of seminars, workshops and scientific conferences, the production and distribution of printed and digital educational material, the compilation of newsletters, the creation and use of technological applications (websites, apps, videos), etc.