Citizen Science

Citizen Science programs consist of organized research in which citizens, without necessarily being scientists or experts, collect and/or analyze data on a voluntary basis. In our time, the collection, organization, and processing of this data becomes even easier by taking advantage of advances in communication technologies and the widespread use of smartphones and tablets.

SciCo has coordinated Citizen Science programs of great social and environmental interest, such as Fireathon, a fire prevention or reduction initiative, Iris Green Witness, a tool to highlight green points of interest, or, an effort to record and monitor the causes of wildlife mortality from man-made causes.

Citizens and their contributions are recognized in the results of the program and in publications. The citizens can participate, if they wish, in multiple stages of the scientific process and receive feedback from the program on how their data is used and what it is the results at a research, political and social level. Citizen Science is considered a research approach like any other, with limitations and prejudices, however, unlike traditional research approaches, it provides the opportunity for greater public participation and democratization of science.