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The Organisation

SciCo (Science Communication) is a non-profit organisation, focusing on scientific engagement and empowerment, through innovative, interactive, and entertaining means. It was founded in 2008, and consists of scientists, academics, educators, artists, and people with an interest in everyday science. Today, it operates as a social enterprise.

Through numerous high-impact outreach activities, such as science festivals, digital platforms, and workshops, SciCo has reached more than 400.000 people all over Greece. It has also reached audiences outside Greece by expanding some of its own projects internationally and by participating in EU Programs and Networks.


  • Promote communication of science and technology
  • Scientifically engage and empower teachers, students, and citizens
  • Strengthen the image of the researcher/scientist in society
  • Disseminate STEM education and inspire young people to pursue a STEM career
  • Help people develop knowledge and skills to make responsible environmental decisions


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Co - Founder, SciCo USA
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