Science Theatre

Through the interdisciplinary interconnection of science with art, we dramatize scientific knowledge, in order to attract students' interest for science, technology and life phenomena.

The history of SciCo began with the creation of theatrical performances for children, directed by Giannis Sarakatsani, which aimed to explain complex scientific concepts and phenomena in an original, simple, and understandable way. Our performances took place in festivals, museums, and schools throughout Greece, reaching a total of over 35,000 students.

We have tried to explain with "The Science of Christmas", how Santa Claus manages to deliver his gifts overnight to more than 842 million families around the world, and how emotions are translated into the brain when there is chemistry between two people in "The Science of Love". The children also discovered ways in which they can save the planet in the play "The Science of Ecology", but also useful nutritional tips, through the interrogations of Mr. Pepsinis, a protein in the role of a policeman, in the theatrical performance, part of the action "Health Based On Knowledge".

Our ultimate goal was to inspire teachers and students, in order to create an active educational community in Greece, which deals with the teaching of natural sciences through theater.