The Science of Christmas

Why is Santa fat? How does he manage to deliver presents to an estimated 842 million households in a single night? How did the three wise men find their way to Bethlehem?

These are just a few of the questions young science communicators will try to answer at SciCo’s first-ever science event, which aims to shed light on some of the most cherished Christmas traditions, rituals and icons.

Irresistibly witty, entertaining and educational, this event will explore Christmas from a unique and fascinating perspective: science.

This year, Christmas goes once again under the scientific microscope of SciCo. This time the team travels at the fields of the theory of relativity, questions the nature of light and talks about astronomy, presenting a scientific and comical show about Christmas.

Children are invited to travel to Bethlehem and find out from eyewitnesses what the Christmas star was. Was it a comet, a super nova or something even more exotic? How is Santa going to visit every child in the world during one night? Using turbines? Nuclear energy? Or with the helping hand of Einstein? And what is a photon? What is this mysterious thing that enlightens our celebrations every year?

Direction: Yannis Sarakatsanis
Script: SciCo team
Sets: Fotini Moutafi
Production: Theo Anagnostopoulos
Staring: Yannis Sarakatsanis, Maria Baloutsou, Michalis Fragkiadakis, Elli Hatzeipidou
Ages: 8 years and above
Duration: 1:30 hour(with intermission)
Place: “THEATRON ” Cultural Centre “Hellenic World”