We are hiring!

Would you like to work for our organization? SciCo is looking for 3 partners for the positions of STEM Educator, Digital Content Creator & Social Media Strategist, and Project Leader. 


SciCo is looking for a part time employer. 

Mandatory qualifications:

- Degree in Physics, Computer Science or Engineering
- Excellent knowledge of Albanian language

Desired qualifications:

- Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics, Physics, Informatics or other STEM fields or Education Sciences.
- Teaching experience. Previous teaching experience for more than 2 years will be an asset
- Experience in in-service training and teacher support.
- Basic programming knowledge
- Organization and project management skills
- Excellent communication skills.


- Participate in the coordination of SciCo training programs through communication with academic associates, academic advisors, and the network of collaborating teachers in Albania
- Design and implementation of STEM training workshops and other events in Albania
- Continuous and excellent cooperation with the teachers who implement the extracurricular educational programs of SciCo in Albania.
- Coordination and provision of educational support on the optimal implementation of STEM programs.



SciCo is looking for a candidate for full-time or part-time employment, responsible for managing the websites and social media of the various activities of the organization.

Mandatory qualifications skills:

- Graduate of a school (University, TEI or corresponding foreign institution) in a relevant subject
- Previous service of at least 2 years in a corresponding position
- Communication fluency and developed skills in the management of spoken and written language in both Greek and English
- Excellent knowledge of PC, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Google Suite, MailChimp
- Knowledge of digital marketing, social media marketing, Facebook & Google Ads

- Photo and video editing skills and ability to create basic visuals and graphics (Photoshop / Lightroom knowledge will be appreciated)
- CMS management skills (eg. WordPress)
- Organizational spirit and method, with the ability of multitasking and scheduling
- Interest and love for the subject as well as STEM education
- Strong perception and adaptability


- Creating a daily posting schedule
- Creation and enrichment of texts and visual arts for Instagram, Facebook, youtube, websites of the organization's actions
- Design and implementation of digital marketing (social media, newsletter, advertising campaigns) according to the needs of the project leaders of the organization
- Communication with the partners of the actions and planning communication based on their schedules and needs
- Posting content based on planning as well as continuous updating and supervision of social media content



We are looking for an experienced Project Leader to manage the organization of main client projects for full-time or part-time employment.

Mandatory knowledge and skills

- High level of training, preferably in the field of informatics or engineering for project manager technical projects
- Previous service of at least 2 years in a corresponding position
- Excellent customer service and communication skills within the team
- Excellent written and oral communication skills, in Greek and English and communication skills
- Strong organizational skills, emphasis on detail, and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
- Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office


- Coordination of internal resources and third parties/suppliers for the smooth execution of projects
- Ensure timely delivery of all projects within the scope and budget limits
Ensuring the availability and allocation of resources
- Development of detailed project planning to monitor progress
- Use of appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in the scope of the program, the timetable, and the cost of the project
- Measuring project performance, using appropriate systems, tools, and techniques
- Managing relationships with the customer and all stakeholders
- Risk management in order to minimize the risks of the project
Creating and maintaining relationships with third-party partners
- Creation and maintenance of complete documentation of the project

Expression of interest: info@scico.gr