Keep Calm and Mind the Lab!

Bringing science for the second consecutive year on passengers’ way at the Metro

Mind the Lab educated and entertained the Athenian metro passengers for the second consecutive year on Friday 21 September 2018. The unique initiative accomplished to bring knowledge literally to everyone using the metro, with main goal: to inspire and to inform people of all ages, regardless of their social, educational level, in order to be engaged with science and technology and their importance for everyday life.

Mind the Lab informed and entertained hundreds of Athenians through the communication of the importance of science and technological applications for our everyday life. Scientists, researchers and teachers left their labs and workplaces for a day and managed to spark the interest of young and older citizens which were using the underground. The general public had the opportunity in just a few minutes to dance with “Vlassis” the robot, to play with the virtual instruments and to produce their own sounds, or even to make their own holograms being able to see: three-dimensional objects and vibrant figures popping out of the screens and swinging ... and these were just a few of the amazing science projects included in the initiative.

Mind the Lab took place at three stations and in particular at: Doukissis Plakentias, Syntagma and Ellinikon stations. During the one-day event, different research centers and educational institutions participated in order to have the opportunity to present their projects to the general public engaging them this way and simultaneously education them in terms of the importance of science for everyday-life. Specifically, during the Mind the Lab event the following organizations and institutions participated: Institute of Biosciences & Applications of NCSR Demokritos, "ATHENA" Research Center, "STEMpowering Youth" program, PALLADIO Schools,  Hellenic Oceanography Association, eduACT, and the program

Mind The Lab will travel in November outside Greece, having as its next stop ... Berlin!

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