It is our great pleasure to announce SciCo's new partnership with the NGO IMAGINARY, welcoming the exhibition "I AM A.I. - explaining artificial intelligence” - financed by the Carl Zeiss Foundation - in Greece. The interactive exhibition "I AM A.I." from Germany, gets a new digital form, and attempts to explore various aspects of artificial intelligence.

Through images, instructional videos, and interactive experiments, the user can learn how a neural network works, why the computer can and does recognize our words when we speak, in which cases artificial intelligence is unable to execute a command, and much more. The "I AM AI" exhibition was scheduled to travel to several German cities from April 2020, such as Heidelberg, Jena, and Kaiserslautern, as well as Greece to the Athens Science Festival, but the tour had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On June 10, the new digital version of the exhibition was presented in both English and German, with several additional languages ​​on the doorstep, aiming to attract an international audience. All material is available for a free visit and use on the website: www.i-am.ai.

As stated by the CEO of IMAGINARY, Andreas Daniel Matt:

"It is incredibly exciting to see - and to even influence - how numbers flow through a neural network and eventually something unexpected is learnt through mathematics. And, none of it involves magic!"

Discover it!

*In case you are interested in learning how to use the platform, you can contact us at info@scico.gr, with the subject "Interest in Workshop I AM A.I.".