Get ready … 1st Thessaly Science Festival is starting!

University of Thessaly brings for the first time in central Greece a unique Science and Innovation Festival.

11-12-13 October 2018, Mill of Pappas

Thessaly Science Festival opens its gates for the first time in Larissa and welcomes the audience with an unforgettable three-day journey to the sphere of science and innovation. University of Thessaly due to the completion of 30 years since it was first established, achieved to bring this cultural event in Central Greece in order to celebrate its 30-year anniversary. Thessaly Science Festival aspires to show to both young as well as to older people, that science is not only about acquiring knowledge, but it can also include a lot of fun! For three consecutive days, local residents and schools will explore science through entertaining and innovative activities, while at the same time researchers, scientists, educators and artists will explain to festival visitors: how science is directly linked with everyday life while stressing at the same time University’s vital contribution for both citizens and wider society.

The main objective of all actions taking place in Thessaly Science Festival is to make the audience to participate actively in science and innovation, with ultimate goal to improve wider community’s life-quality. Thessaly Science Festival’s visitors will have the opportunity to expand their imagination and knowledge by watching and participating in a range of innovative and entertaining activities, centered around science and its application in everyday life.

Discover a new exciting world!

Have you ever imagined that medicine, as well as different diseases; such as tuberculosis, have left their mark on singing, literature and culture not only in Greece but also abroad, for more than three centuries? Did you know how art and science can be combined in order to create jewels inspired from biology’s microcosm? Have you ever wondered how important is the role of the elements that surround the environment of a building, and how they can affect its design & construction? Discover the answers to the abovementioned questions along with many more interesting facts, at Thessaly Science Festival, where well-established scientists, impressive experiments, interactive events, screenings, educational workshops, and educational games will broaden your knowledge regarding science and innovation, in the most exciting and stimulating way.

During the three-day festival, guests will have the opportunity to attend: 25 interactive events, 15 children-workshops, 5 workshops for adults, 15 speeches, 2 competitions and many more morning & afternoon artistic events and activities designed for various age groups. Furthermore, two leading speakers will open the first day of the festival: Professor of Pulmonology at the University of Thessaly, Dr. Konstantinos Gourgoulianis, as well as one of the most important modern Greek architects, Mr. Theofanis Bobostis.

The Thessaly Science Festival is organized by the educational organization “SciCo-Science Communication”, the University of Thessaly and the office of the Deputy Mayor for Culture and Science of the Municipality of Larissa, in cooperation with academic and research institutions and educational organizations. Visit Thessaly Science Festival on the 11-12 & 13 of October 2018, in Pappa’s Mill and live the ultimate experience of an exciting science and innovation festival, filled with inspiration, art, science and many more surprises!