Extension of the application submission for the Ambassadors’ training program

The Academy of Ambassadors is aiming to empower the participants’ skills in science
communication, to further develop their professional capacities and to feature them as main
spokespeople of SciCo’s values and goals.
The main goal of the program is for the participants to make them active in their fields of
work by developing their personal and professional skills. So that this can be realized, the
participants should be willing to acknowledge their wishes and desires, their needs and
capacities in order to get to know themselves.

More specifically, the program, through learning by doing, is aiming to offer:
1. Customised training sessions (according to the profile of each participant)
2. Science Communication Basics
3. Professional profile preparation
4. Leadership skills (team bonding, counseling, conflict resolution, feedback, etc.)
5. Soft skills (verbal communication, public speaking, body language)

Timeline and structure of program
Date of program initiation: Friday the 12 of January, 18.00 – 21.00
 Duration of program: January – September 2018

Phase A: Training sessions, 10 weeks, mandatory attendance 24/30 training hours, Friday
Phase B: Mentoring sessions, 3 meetings with a SciCo associate, chosen by each participant
Phase C: Practical exercise
The training is offered for:
 Undergraduate and postgraduate science students
 Graduates of all disciplines
 Holders of PhD
 Teachers and trainers of all grades
 Journalists
 Youth leaders/youth workers
 Artists
A certificate of attendance will be given to all participants who will graduate successfully from
the Academy of Ambassadors.
To apply, follow this link.
An extension for the final day of applications' submission was given. New deadline Sunday, 31 of December, 23:59
Should you have any queries, please contact Isaiah Kioiloglou, isaiahkioiloglou@gmail.com