Maths in Motion

Maths in Motion is a two-year KA2 Erasmus+ project about how to use body movement as a tool to teach Mathematics. The final goal of the project is to create a toolkit of activities that combine music and movement as a tool to teach mathematics and explain basic mathematical concepts.

Maths in Motion is designed and implemented by  Olde Vechte Foundation and brought together mathematicians, teachers, dancers and STEM educators from 7 european countries (Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Greece) The non-profit organization “SciCo - Science Communication” represents Maths in Motion in Greece.


The pilot students-workshops will be presented on May 2018 in greek, italian and romanian students, covering three mathematical concepts respectively:

  • “Sence of Space: from 2D to 3D” - Greece
  • “Patterns” - Italy
  • “Mathematical Operations” - Romania

SciCo from Greece and Fun Mathematics from Bulgaria will present the students-workshop in Greece with the main thematic  «Sense of Space: from 2D to 3D».  The two partners developed two modules for 12-15 years old students:
«Get Angled» and «Dance of the Shapes».

A week before the students-workshop SciCo will implement a “Train the Trainer” workshop at Athens Science Festival in order to disseminate the project in the Greek educational community. People who have a general interest in maths and new teaching methods, teachers, dancers, college students and mathematicians can attend the workshop and learn how to teach maths through experiential learning and how to use our bodies as a communication tool. The "Train the Trainer" Workshop will take place on 27 of April at Technopolis, during the Athens Science Festival. 

Participants can be teachers, mathematicians and college students, while priority will be given to mathematics teachers. A Certificate of Attendance will be given at the end of the workshop to the participants. The ones that are interested, can register until April 23 at this google form