Start4Health challenge by Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation (CDI)


The Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation in Thessaloniki, in collaboration with SciCo and Found.ation, launched the Start4Health challenge.

Pfizer CDI in Thessaloniki pursues to identify and foster ideas that could shape the digital future of Health, exploring the innovative potential of the startup ecosystem.


What is Start4Health and what are we looking for?

Start4Health is an acceleration program launched by Pfizer CDI, focused on Digital Health.

We are looking to discover and develop breakthrough solutions that can tackle challenges of the health industry, improve the digital experience of patients, and promote wellness through technology.

Examples of such solutions could be technology-enabled products and services that can improve health care delivery, enhance and personalize the treatment experience, allow smart data collection and analysis for remote monitoring and support, improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and raise patient engagement, health literacy and awareness. 


Who can apply?

Start4Health is addressed to Greek startup companies incubating innovative digital ideas, processes and solutions of pioneer technology, with the potential to scale health impact and improve patients’ lives.


What are we aiming for?

Through the challenge, Pfizer CDI aims to increase its engagement with the regional ecosystem of technology and innovation.

Pfizer CDI envisions a fruitful interaction, where both parties will cooperate and exchange valuable expertise helping to foster digital innovative solutions that could impact and revolutionize the Health Industry.

Excellent talents and remarkable teams will have the chance to bring their technology to the limelight and network with notable executives from Pfizer and the Innovation ecosystem.


Structure of the program:

The challenge will last around three months, in three consecutive phases: The Open Call, the Accelerator and the Demo Day.

Five proposals will be selected to go through a six-week Accelerator.

Participants will be assisted by mentors and coaches of the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem, including Pfizer executives.


Why should you apply?

A judging committee consisting of distinguished members of Technology, Innovation and Business, will select and award the two best proposals with cash prizes of € 25,000 and € 10,000, respectively for the 1st and 2nd winning teams.

Besides the monetary prizes, the teams via their participation will have the chance to refine their business model, optimize their value propositions, enhance their market position, and potentially score a future collaboration with Pfizer.


How to apply?

Start4Health Open Call phase began on March 28, 2022, and will run until April 29, 2022 (11:59 pm EET).

Further information and application submissions: here