SciCo organizes and implements the project "Development of environmental awareness through STEM education for students of Pomakochoria and the wider region of ​​Xanthi, Greece" which is briefly referred as "EcosySTEM | Science Bridges" in collaboration with the Athena Research Center and funded by the National Geographic, the Green Fund in Greece, and The Hellenic Initiative / The Venture Impact Awards 2021.

"EcosySTEM | Science Bridges" is an innovative, experiential and free of charge program aimed at young students aged 10-16 years old, which focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education and the development of environmental awareness of young people in the wider area of ​​Xanthi and Pomakochoria.

The program aims to connect through science the students from the mountain villages with the students from the city of Xanthi, and simultaneously to raise awareness, empower and inform them with current applications around environmental education and the challenges of climate change.

The goal is for students to acquire new skills and knowledge, such as critical thinking, problem solving and working collaboratively, leading them into being future active members of the society.

The educational workshops cycle is implemented by local teachers and its end will be marked by an event/competition where the completed team projects (that will occur from the students’ working groups) will be presented; where the most innovative project will be selected and awarded.