Combating gender stereotypes in early school age through STEM


Τhe project "STEM4Equality" is a STEM education program for young children with the ultimate goal of contributing to the elimination of gender stereotypes.

The program was formed on the occasion of the incidents of gender discrimination that women around the globe are often dealing with and which can limit their professional careers and personal development.

The project focuses on preschool ages, where the identities and personalities of children have not yet been formed and there is curiosity and exploration in their lives. These traits are reinforced regardless of gender, by STEM education which is based on interaction, playing and critical thinking.

During the program, activities will be carried out in the classrooms, such as creating constructions and conducting scientific experiments, to enhance rational thinking in students. Thus, children will acquire a positive attitude towards technology and science and will cultivate life skills such as problem solving and inductive thinking. The program's main goal is to create a common starting point to make choices in every area of ​​life freely, away from stereotypes and social institutions.

For more information you can visit the website of the STEM4equality project.

The STEM4Equality project is implemented within the framework of the Active citizens fund program. Is implemented by the non-profit organization SciCo (Science Communication), while the management of the grant of the Active citizens fund in Greece is jointly undertaken by the Bodossaki Foundation and SolidarityNow.


Posted on:

March 4, 2023



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