Aegean Science Festival


After the successful organization of the Athens Science Festival, the need arose for more local science festivals to be held outside the capital of Greece. The aim was to showcase the academic centers of the Greek territory and to acquaint the residents of each area with the events of the festival, without the need to travel. As a result,Aegean Science Festival (AegSF) will occur on September 24th t0 26th 2021, in Lemnos island, showcasing to people of all ages that science is not only made up of knowledge but can also be compelling and entertaining.

SciCo has been considering for a long time the prospect of organizing a scientific event in the Aegean region to honor the rich history of the region and highlight its modern reality. It is known that the Aegean islands have been a cradle of development and dissemination of scientific knowledge since antiquity.

World-renowned scholars such as Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, and the leading philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer Pythagoras were originally from Kos and Samos. Nowadays, the University of the Aegean, with its important and innovative discoveries, is a worthy continuation of its rich scientific heritage.

The restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic make it impossible to organize a festival entirely with a physical presence. That's why Aegean Science Festival will include both digital and live activities. For three days young and old will have the opportunity to watch exciting speeches by renowned Greek and foreign scientists, impressive demonstration experiments, screenings, workshops, and to be informed about the latest developments in Science, Technology, and Innovation as well as the relationship between Art and Science.

The aim of the festival is to connect science with everyday life and to highlight its role, to seek answers to complex and controversial scientific issues, to inspire and create new models in the field of science by inspiring young people to consider a career close to science. Above all the Aegean Science Festival wants to prove that science is not only knowledge but also entertainment.

In addition, as part of the AeSF premiere on September 24, Lemnos in collaboration with the University of Aegean, and Chania in collaboration with the Technical University of Crete will host the Mediterranean Researcher Night, MEDNIGHT 2021, with the two areas opening the doors of the institutions to the general public. MEDNIGHT 2021 is a consortium between universities and research institutes in Greece (Crete, Lemnos), Spain, Italy, and Malta in order to inform the public about the importance of research conducted in Mediterranean countries, to address problems with which Its citizens are also confronted with the position of women scientists in the research world.

The Aegean Science Festival is organized by the educational organization "Science Communication - SciCo" with the support of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition of the University of the Aegean, as well as the contribution of many academic, research organizations and educational organizations.

Science Festivals have been organized in other cities of Greece after Athens (ASF), such as Patras (PSF), Larissa (THSF), Thessaloniki (TSF), Ioannina (ISF), and Cyprus (MSF), while in the near future other regions of Greece are expected to host their own special event.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Aegean Science Festival.