Getting ready for the Athens Science Festival

The Athens Science Festival, the yearly celebration of science and innovation comes back at the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens for the third year, between 5 and 10 April under the theme: “Evolving with science”. 

From understanding life and matter to creating human-made artificially intelligent machines, science leads the way. Fighting disease, communicating digitally, inventing new materials with properties that would have seemed magical a few years ago, our life changes for the better. On the other hand, climate change and species’ extinction, are outcomes of this progress and transform earth into a much different place than the one experienced by our ancestors. 

Athens Science Festival 2016 opens with a unique speech: “The inside Neanderthal” by a special guest, the first scientist who managed to decode the entire genome of Neanderthals, Svante Paampo.

During the festival, people of all ages will have the opportunity to attend exciting talks and discussions by renowned Greek and foreign scientists, exhibitions, presentations and screenings, and to participate in workshops, educational activities and games.