The innovative and interactive exhibition “The Champion” comes for the first time in Greece

The brand-new, scientifically designed exhibition about sports will surprise the Greek audience regardless of their age!

The Cultural Center "Hellenic Cosmos" in collaboration with the non-profit organization "SciCo", welcomes for the first time in Greece, the high-end sports’ exhibition "The Champion". The innovative exhibition, which was first held with great success in Budapest, comes in less than a month in Athens, aiming to offer an unrivaled high-tech experience, which will provide the audience with the opportunity to learn as well as to test their limits...

A unique & innovative exhibition tailored to provide an all-age experience.

Do you want to know everything about your favorite sport? Would you like to learn unique details and aspects regarding the lives and careers of your favorite athletes such as: Michael Phelps, Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan? Are you ready to test your limits in the sport of your choice? Would you be interested to have fun and challenge your friends in various sports activities? All of the above and many more surprises are waiting for you to enjoy, in world's best sports high-tech exhibition.

Live an Interactive, Educational, Scientific, and High-Tech Sport-experience only at "The Champion"


Having interactivity as a key pillar, visitors will be given a digital wristband the moment they enter the showroom, in order to be able to test their performance in 12 popular sports. The digital wristband is intended to provide an interactive and personalized experience for the visitors, since it will calculate the score for each activity in which they will participate.

The exhibition will include 9 Champ-Labs in which the attendees will be able to test but also be informed regarding:

  1. Boxing
  2. Basketball
  3. Swimming
  4. Football
  5. Rowing
  6. Fencing
  7. Running - Speed
  8. Cognitive skills
  9. Nutrition

Educational / Scientific

The second pillar of the exhibition concerns the education of visitors regarding the history of sports, as well as, information and insights regarding well-known athletes, through 50 quizzes. During this unique show, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy inspiring videos from the Olympics in ten different sports (from swimming to boxing and archery) through giant projectors.


The third pillar of this innovative energy is based on the highly sophisticated technology that frames the entire exhibition. In particular, the exhibition is outlined with: authentic sports equipment and games simulation games, new Multilayer Holofoil System, impressive artistic videos from the award-winning Australian filmmaker Chris Bryan, Selfie points where visitors can share the experience of social media exposure, and of course the RF ID wristband, which provides personalized experience for everyone attending the exhibition.

"The Champion" exhibition, can provide young people as well as parents with customized insights, regarding which sports are best suited for them through personalized advices on sports choices. Moreover, each visitor will receive a personal certificate that will portray the results of the particular visitor regarding his/her participation in the various activities.

Do not miss the chance to test your limits at "The Champion" exhibition...

And who knows? You might discover that you have the potential to become the next champion!

Ticket Prices:

Regular Prices:

Adults: 10 euro

Kids / Unemployed / 65+: 8 euro

Schools: 7 euro

Every Friday: 7,50 euro

Ticket Packages:

4 people: 2 adults + 2 kids: 32 euro

4 people: 1 adult + 3 kids: 30 euro

Access info:

Buses: 049 (Peireus-Οmonoia), Stop - Stop: School of Fine Arts

914 (Omonoia-Peireus-Palaia Kokkinia), Bus - Stop: School of Fine Arts

Τrain (ISAP): Kallithea Station

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