SciCo team presents its new educational STE(A)M program

SciTEAM, the Education team of SciCo has created an innovative educational program based on the model of STEM education.

The acronym STEM is derived from the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, while recently the letter A was added from the word Art.

STE(A)M education is based on exploratory cooperative learning and aims to empower students with the 21st century skills. STE(A)M education is focused on problem solving techniques. Students are invited to use science, new technologies and simple materials to solve problems of their everyday lives.

The educational program that SciTEAM proposes is consisted of four series of workshops. Each series has been designed in a way so that the trainers have an auxiliary role and the knowledge is acquired by the students. All workshops are gamified in order to highly motivate the student.

The general objectives of this program is the development of:

  • critical spirt
  • creativity
  • argumentation skills
  • cooperation
  • presentation and communication skills
  • the ability to design and implement novel ideas

and the familiarization of the students with the new technologies.

Moreover, each series of workshops has special learning objectives.

Take a look at the infographic below and find the workshop that fits better to your interests!

SciCo’s educational program is available to schools, parent associations and other foundations. The duration of each series of workshops is 30 hours and the projects apply to small groups of students (6-15 persons). All series of workshops are adjustable to different age groups.

For more information feel free to e-mail us: or call us: 6940203344, 6955039885