Mednight: 4th Young Researchers at Schools International Meeting

The 4th Young Researchers at Schools International Meeting is one of the most popular activities of Mednight . In this virtual meeting, young scientists will show their research work, interacting live and answering students’ questions, bringing science closer to hundreds of young people.

It will take place next September 26th 2023 from 10:00 to 12:00 Madrid time GMT+2.


The Mednight team invites young researchers, doctoral and postdoctoral, from Mediterranean countries that make up Mediterranean Science or researchers who conduct their research in Mediterranean countries to apply here until July 31. 

The thematic areas of the meeting are: Sea and Pollution, Climate and Clean Energy, Diet and Food, Life and Health, Geology and Biodiversity, Anthropology and History and Future.

This meeting aims to become an international reference for scientific communication and is carried out within the Marie-Curie actions for citizenship, which from 2022 to 2025 places special emphasis on “Researchers at Schools”. It is important that young researchers, especially women, become aware of the importance of acquiring a background in science communication in the early years of their research career and be motivated to disseminate science, stimulate scientific vocations and cultivate the scientific and critical spirit.

At the beginning of September the registered researchers will receive a specific training in scientific communication by expert communicators fan accreditation of their participation in it:

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