The Athens Science Festival 2017 will take place for the 4th consecutive year, between 29 March and 2 April, in Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.

Τhe non-for profit, educational organization SciCo, remains the key organizer of this unique Science and Innovation Festival, advocating the need for transfer of scientific and technological knowledge back to society and aiming to the strength of citizens’ scientific literacy.

Athens Science Festival 2017 is taking place under the theme “Shaping our future” and is having as main goal to underlie that the novel knowledge and open access to innovative tools give a unique opportunity to people to manufacture fantastic creations, take science into their own hands and become part of the future changes.

A great ambassador of this idea is the 28-year-old Govinda Upadyay, one of the most important representatives of the new generation in sustainable entrepreneurship and keynote speaker of the opening ceremony of the Athens Science Festival 2017.

The visitors of this festival will have the unique opportunity to get acquainted with future technologies: drones, Internet of things, virtual reality, robot cars and many other technological breakthroughs that once were only to the sphere of science fiction.

Athens Science Festival 2017 hosts many activities for our young, as well as adult, audiences, including 40 different talks by distinguished Greek and foreign scientists, 90 interactive events, 40 workshops for children, and many other educational, entertainment and art activities.

For more information about Athens Science Festival and for the detailed program of the event, visit our website: our Facebook page.