DELTA FLUX: SciCo’s robotic team in the First Leago League!

The Educational Robotics Research and Innovation competition, First Lego League (FLL), comes for first time in Athens on 19 February, in order to bring together the science and technology knowledge, with fun and teamwork in a big learning celebration!!

The nonprofit organization SciCo as part of this celebration, gives the opportunity to children of the Athens municipality to live an ultimate STEM experience (Science Technology Engineering Math experience).

DELTA FLUX is a group of children 9-12-year old which created through the program "Open Schools" of the municipality of Athens and the robotics laboratory of SciCo. Children that dealing for first time with the Robotics, learned to solve problems, create complex constructions and cooperate for a common goal!

The team says that is excited and the coaches Irene Pappas, Georgia Alexis and Nick Moraitis more anxious than ever! Let’s wish to the team good luck!

Find out more information about the competition here.