: Eyes everywhere for the protection of wildlife

The creation of PARATIRO (ΠΑΡΑΤΗΡΩ, meaning "observe") is an initiative of the ANIMA – Wild Life Conservation Society that started in October 2014 with the financial support of the "We are all Citizens" EEA grant managed by the Bodossakis foundation.

Initially the electronic platform of PARATIRO functioned on a pilot basis. Its reception by management bodies and forestry authorities, nature observers, field workers and citizens was enthusiastic. It was lauded as useful tool for science and policy implementation and valuable suggestions were received for the platform's improvement. More specifically, a series of necessary modifications and additions were proposed to upgrade the site, create a mobile up and enhance communication to the public.

The upgrade of operations and communication of the PARATIRO electronic platform was undertaken by SciCo in November of 2017 and is implemented in cooperation with ANIMA with the financial support of the Green Fund as part of the "Natural environment & Innovative Actions" program.

The upgraded electronic platform helps the registration of injured animals and directly involves the public in the protection of wildlife. Its use is simple: Through the mobile application you come into contact with a centre for wild life protection and receive instructions on how to best aid the wounded animal. At the same time, you register the event in the database.  Registration is very important: the sceintifi team of PARATIRO processes the data and draws important conclusions on the threats faced by wildlife due to human activity. These allow the team to offer solutions and propose specific measures that could significantly reduce wildlife mortality.

The electronic platform also serves progress in technological communication and takes advantage of the widespread use of smartphones and tablets to advance wildlife protection. Citizens without any training or specific scientific background can use the mobile app to collect data and participate in a "Citizen Science" initiative which has great value for the monitoring of biodiversity, since it can provide a huge amount of data in a relatively short amount of time.

PARATIRO invites everyone to adopt a more active stance towards important environmental issues, because, after all, the protection of wild life is in our hands!


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March 9, 2019

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