SciCo organizes, develops and presents interactive, fun and educational programmes about science for children and adults.

Currently SciCo co-organises in collaboration with the British Council and Educational Radiotelevision from the Ministry of Education School Lab, an exciting digital learning programme designed to promote the exchange of ideas on science and to bring together students, teachers and researchers. SciCo also participates in the European network MARCH (MAke science Real in sCHools) for science teaching, in collaboration a group of prominent partners from seven EU countries.

Past programmes include the awarded The Greens Agents school programme for energy conservation, as well as the action "Ygeia en Gnosi" (translated to health based on knowledge) that took place in 2010-2011, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. It gained the corporate responsibility prize in the pharmaceutical marketing conference in 2012 and it was aimed at informing and educating children and adolescents about the important issues of nutrition and exercise and the way they relate to health.

"Healthy kids" was also an innovative nutrition education programme and a Corporate Responsibility activity that was co-produced by Nestle Hellas. Finally, "Through the Earth’s Eyes" took place in 2000 and was an integrated programme for environmental education for children up to 12 years old. It included a science theatre show, school lectures, evaluation, and a pilot programme of interactive training for nursery schools.